Why Armstrong?

There are many companies that offer oil and gas abstracting services. Armstrong Search Associates offers a full spectrum of oil and gas services from lease analysis, preparation of abstracts through final certification of title. Besides the services, (ASA) also was founded on the belief that clients are important regardless of their size or the complexity of the deal.

ASA truly values each and every client, understands this business is less about who owns what lease and more about the relationships that are built. We understand the importance of timely accurate quality work. Our goal is not just finishing this deal, but working on an ongoing relationship.


Our client love working with us, and we’ve had the privilege of developing many strong relationships due to the quality of our work.

At Armstrong Search, we offer our client the following:

We consistently help partners meet deadlines. We know what these deadlines mean for your company, and we make sure we do everything we can to complete the work on time, every time.

Our team is willing to travel, and as a result we are able to handle over flow work and get it turned around quickly.

We have a management structure in place, so we can ensure that our abstractors get the work done to the client’s satisfaction in a timely manner.

Our abstractors are familiar with the area, and this ensures that our partners do not waste any time hiring inexperienced workers who will take time to get up to speed.

Our goal is quality, timely, detailed work.
No bottlenecks. No wasted time. No Lost plays.
If you’re ready to learn more about us, please contact us
tom.schmaus@gmail.com or 724.882.1988