Raymond Schmaus created Armstrong Search Associates as he wanted to make a better kind of business.  Thirty years ago Mr. Schmaus looked at the competitive environment and realized something was missing- Business Standards!

Competitors are too concerned with their billings to even think about their product.

Mr. Schmaus began the company as a sole proprietorship.  Since the creation of ASA, Ray has been able to grow the business for he strives this company to provide quality service in a timely manner and build long lasting relationships.

We do not have clients – we have business partners.  Our partners’ success is directly tied to our success. Experienced workers produce better results. We do not hire and fire. Every worker has to have at least 18 months of experience and many of land service professionals have been with us for more than 5 years.  Quality is just one of our standards.

Successful partnerships involve cost sharing and compromise. We have kept our costs low by monitoring our expenses. There are not any unnecessary satellite offices or positions.  If we need additional crew chiefs or project managers they are paid for by ASA.

ASA was forged in a different business environment.  Long before the Marcellus, an acre of natural gas rights could be leased for $100 dollars there were not any horizontal wells. It was not economically feasible to pay a land man $3,000 dollars per title abstract. ASA continued with its standard of efficiency and maintained profitability and the capability to expand.

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